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Maresa Mohilo-Bichay


I'm Maresa Mohilo-Bichay, an interior enthusiast, art, literature, and fashion lover, and a proud mom of two boys, Lou and Quin.

My journey into the world of interior design began in 2013 when I founded MAMO INTERIORS, driven by a passion for creating spaces that inspire and uplift.

Prior to diving into the world of interior design, I pursued a master's degree in Psychology, Sociology, and American Literature. My career path led me to roles in Training and HR Development in both Germany and the USA. Alongside my professional endeavors, I founded my own fashion brand, MAMO DESIGN, specializing in women's fashion and knitwear.

The birth of my first son, Lou, sparked a new chapter in my creative journey. I discovered a love for crafting children's clothes and accessories and also leading me to explore deeper into the realms of design and psychology. This journey culminated in the creation of my MAMO FEEN, adorable stuffed creatures representing core values, and the publication of our first little MAMO FEEN Book and Cookbook, created in collaboration with my beautiful and talented sister, Selina.

Venturing further into the world of psychology, I studied systemic therapy and relaxation therapies like PME and Mediation, driven by a desire to support and help people heal and find themselves.

My path in interior design was set in motion when a dear friend asked for my assistance in designing his Italian restaurant. This experience ignited a passion for creating transformative spaces, leading to collaborations with my husband, Roy, a wonderful husband, father and a brilliant architect. Together, we transformed various spaces, from old video stores to hipster motorcycle venues to classic car garages.

Over the past 11 years, I have designed interiors for numerous restaurants, offices, and private residences.

In October 2023, I found the perfect opportunity to share my passion for design by opening my studio in Syrlinstraße 10 in Ulm. This space serves as a hub for creativity, showcasing a curated collection of furniture, objects, books and art from emerging and renowned designers as well as vintage design classics. 


Together with my friend and talented painter, Michael Günzer, I curate and host art exhibitions featuring upcoming and promising artists, creating a vibrant space in Ulm where people can gather, connect, and be inspired.

Find out more about my latest projects, adored interior objects and creative journey on my social media or come visit my studio ! I am looking forward to welcoming you soon !



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