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My name is Maresa Mohilo-Bichay, interior enthusiast, wife and proud mom of two boys, Lou and Quin. I started MAMO Interiors in 2013. With a background in Psychology and Sociology, I seek to merge my roots with a holistic approach to interior design. 




I believe that our space is a reflection of our inner landscapes and that thoughtful design enriches our everyday lives. 

Together with my customers I create spaces that reflect the personality of its inhabitants and result in a warm and honest aesthetic. 

Services: Residental . Retail . Hospitality . Office . 

In my Studio I offer a carefully curated selection of interior treasures, furniture, objects, books and art pieces from artists and brands dear to my heart. From emerging designers to vintage design classics. 

I also started small collaborations with artists I admire. 

Find out more on my instagram or come visit my studio ! I am looking forward to seeing you !

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